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Originally Posted by GBeret
Originally Posted by Rev22:17

In reviewing the AR's on the wear of uniforms for retirees, I found that there was enough room in them to allow for wear of the Mess dress on such activities such as the formal night, especially since the crew does wear military uniforms to the formal.

Thank you for clearing that up. It seemed like one of those things that might have been in the fringes of the policy governing the wear of official uniforms by retirees. Please correct this if I'm wrong, but I believe that the policy also permits retirees to wear either the current uniform or the last uniform of their time of active duty when wearing a uniform.

From the ARs:

Army Regulation 670–1
Uniforms and Insignia
Wear and
Appearance of
Army Uniforms
and Insignia
Department of the Army
Washington, DC
3 February 2005

Wear of the uniform by retired personnel
a. Personnel who will be advanced to a higher grade upon retirement have the option of wearing the insignia of that
grade thereafter.

b. Retired personnel on active duty will wear their uniform and insignia in the same manner as prescribed for
personnel in the Active Army of corresponding grade and branch.

c. Retired personnel not on active duty may wear either the uniform reflecting their grade and branch on the date of
their retirement, or the uniform for personnel in the Active Army of corresponding grade and branch, when appropriate,
but may not intermix the two uniforms. Personnel will wear the grade as shown on the retired grade of rank line on the
retirement order.

d. Retired personnel not on active duty are not authorized to wear shoulder sleeve insignia, except as follows:
(1) Personnel performing instructor duties at an educational institution conducting courses of instruction approved
314 AR 670–1 • 3 February 2005
by the Armed Forces will wear the shoulder sleeve insignia of the command that is responsible for the course of
instruction. Senior and junior ROTC instructors will wear the Cadet Command shoulder sleeve insignia on their left
shoulder (see AR 145–1 and 145–2 for wear of the uniform by senior and junior ROTC instructors, respectively).

(2) Retired personnel are authorized to wear the shoulder sleeve insignia for U.S. Army Retirees on the left
shoulder. The insignia consists of a white cloth disc with a blue border, and an inner white disc with a red border,
which bears a blue and white adaptation of the coat of arms of the United States. The outer disk that surrounds the coat
of arms contains the inscription “UNITED STATES ARMY? in red letters at the top, and the word “RETIRED? in
blue letters at the bottom (see fig 30–1).

Wear of the uniform by former members of the Army
a. Unless qualified under another provision of this regulation, or under the provisions of section 772, title 10, United
AR 670–1 • 3 February 2005 315
States Code (10 USC 772), former members of the Army may wear the uniform if they served honorably during a
declared or undeclared war, and if their most recent service was terminated under honorable conditions. Personnel who
qualify under these conditions will wear the Army uniform in the highest grade they held during such war service, in
accordance with 10 USC 772.

b. The uniform is authorized for wear only for the following ceremonial occasions, and when traveling to and from
the ceremony or function. Uniforms for these occasions are restricted to service and dress uniforms; the BDU and
physical fitness uniforms will not be worn.

(1) When attending military funerals, memorial services, weddings, inaugurals, and other occasions of ceremony.

(2) When attending parades on national or state holidays, or other patriotic parades or ceremonies in which any
active or reserve United States military unit is taking part. Wear of the Army uniform at any other time, or for any
other purpose than stated above, is prohibited.

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