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Default Princess Pre-cruise tour of Beijing, Xian, and River Cruise

We are booked on the 16 day May 29th Pacific Princess from Beijing to Bangkok. We also booked the Princess 9 day pre-cruise tour which is actually the reason for our Asian trip.

We had originally wanted to book a Viking tour (Imperial Jewels) and then board the Princess ship in Beijing. We decided on the "whole package" from Princess.

We received some pre-cruise information from Princess regarding the pre-cruise tour. There was not very much information shared (what hotels, location of room for the river cruise portion of the trip, etc.). One thing I was VERY disappointed about was that I had no choice in room size or location on the river cruise. I have been told that a "higher" room above sea level is the best location to view the scenery. Has anyone taken this pre-cruise tour?? Did I make a mistake by not booking the Viking tour separately from the Princess cruise? Your comments are very welcome.

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