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Only Princess


Princess is the top end of cruising.

Think of Hotels top elite to the bottom of the barrel. 4 star, 3 star, etc.
Now think of Cruise ships as well.
Which one would you choose?

If you like to party, loud noise, food not high on the list - choose Celebrity, Carnival.

But, if you like a higher level of standards. Who doesn't like to be pampered on vacation... Then go for Princess.

The food on the higher level ships are out of this world. Superior.... Dinners are like going into a 5+ star restaurants. Elegant gourmet dinners.
Shows that are fun, exciting, and Activities throughtout the day/nite.
Staff outstanding.

Extremally good value for the money. I have never compared the cost of different cruise lines. But if Princess costs a few dollars more, it's well worth the money. Every rare do you hear of a nightmare story. But, you have heard of other cruise lines -- not mentioning names here, that have issues....Just check out cruise sites and do some research you'll be amazed....
Princess has a good reputation...

Hope this helps,

Crown ~ ~ 8\2006 Ratings coming real soon
Caribbean ~ ~ 8\2005 Superior Cruise
Golden ~ ~ 8\2004 Lower quality in my opinion
Grand 4\2003 Top rated
Grand 8\2003 Outstanding
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