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am a Gold member of the Princess Captains circle. This Suimmer I am going on my first Celebrity cruise, does the Princess card have any advantages on a Celebrity ship??

Unfortunately, no. I effectively lost credit for thirteen cruises with Princess when I changed to Celebrity in 2003.

Backing up a step, each cruise line has its own program for repeat passengers, so you generally have to earn your standing on each line separately. Nonetheless, the two largest cruise companies have programs whereby passengers who have earned standing on one of their lines receive some benefits on their other lines.

>> IIRC, Carnival Corporation, which now controls Princess Cruises through a merger of operations with the Princess's parent company, has a uniform package of benefits that go with each level of standing across all of its lines, so you would receive some benefits if you were to cruise, say, with Carnival Cruises or Holland America Lines.

>> Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. equates the levels of membership between the "Crown & Anchor Society" (Royal Caribbean International) and the "Captain's Club" (Celebrity Cruises), then gives the benefits equivalent to one's highest level of membership. By way of example, a "Platinum" member of the "Crown & Anchor Society" would receive the benefits of "Select" membership in the "Captain's Club" on a Celebrity cruise.

There's no crossover between companies, though.

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