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I agree completely with your thrust, but you seem to have a very wrong image of Celebrity Cruises.

If you like to party, loud noise, food not high on the list - choose Celebrity, Carnival.

Celebrity absolutely is NOT in that category.

But, if you like a higher level of standards. Who doesn't like to be pampered on vacation... Then go for Princess.

Celebrity actually does even more of this than Princess. By way of example, Celebrity's bar staff greet embarking passengers with complementary glasses of champagne and mimosas on embarkation. In warm climates, Celebrity's staff also greet passengers returning from shore excursions with cold towels and a selection of complementary beverages on the pier.

Celebrity also normally limits general announcements to one per day. If the ship is in port, there's an announcement of clearance for passengers to go ashore. If the ship is at sea, there's the customary noontime navigational announcement. Unless something unusual happens, that's it.

The food on the higher level ships are out of this world. Superior.... Dinners are like going into a 5+ star restaurants. Elegant gourmet dinners.

There are many who say that Celebrity's cuisine is an even higher standard than Princess's cuisine, though I think that the style of cuisine is a matter of personal taste. Celebrity's cuisine, under the direction of celebrated executive chef Michel Roux, is clearly of very high quality, though has a strong French flair that may or may not match your tastes.

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