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I Live in Halifax, and if you like night life, you won't find it boring. Lots of Pubs and nightclubs within easy walking distance from Pier 21 (were cruise ships dock). Pubs all serve good, inexpensive lunches. ON Saturday's, there is a farmers market downtown. It's a great place to go. If you like wine, they feature a lot of local wines at the farmers market, including some great Vidal ice wine for about $25 CDN. If you arrive between august 10th and 20th, the busker fest is going on (Street Performers). It's a lot of fun, but big crowds. There lots of other things to see and do. Peggy's cove is pretty popular with the tourists, goggle it for more info. If you come, I really think you will enjoy Halifax. Lots to see and do. There are some beaches around, but the nice ones are at least an hour’s drive, and the water is pretty cold, Only about 18 Deg Celsius on a nice day. Some of them have some nice surf though, but you would need a suit to surf.
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