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Going to the Atlantis will cost you $$$$$$$$
if you do book a room at Best Western in order to use the Atlantis resort make sure you pay close attention to your bill...and keep the receipt they give you upon check in. When I got my mastercard bill a month later there were unauthorized charges on my card as well as the wrong amount for the room billed to my account. Also the Best Western doesn't have a toll free number for that resort so when you try to call and resolve it you have to pay international phone rates...
another thing is that you have to leave enough time to get off the ship, walk over to the dock area, take a cab up to the Best Western, check in, and walk over to the Atlantis.Don't even think about "sneaking into the property" as there are security guards everywhere checking wristbands. I think the whole process took us an hour and a half and we never even opened the door to our room at the Best Western. Talk about a pain in the butt. Too much wasted time...
Just be careful-
Also. the beach behind the resort is filled with Bahamian people contantly trying to sell you stuff. You see the Atlantis resort doesn't "Own" the beach front as all beach front is considered "public property"
We couldn't relax at all on the beach so we finally moved onto the property by the pool and since we had a writsband it wasn't a problem but I would have liked to sit on the actual beach for a while.
Another thing is you will end up paying for your meal at the Atlantis and trust me it isn't cheap!
We had 1 small salad, one small sandwich, one ice tea and one tropical drink and it was $62.00. I was still hungry but couldn't justify spending any more money on the property.
I'd never go back-too much time, money and agrivation.
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