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Default Greetings From Hong Kong

I have arrived in Hong Kong after an almost perfect travel event. Snow in Minneapolis almost spoiled our departure but we were able to take the first flight out and avoid the backlog that was to happen later. If we had taken our scheduled flight we may not have made our Chicago connection.

The flight over was uneventful. I went into the zone and slept a good bit, drank plenty of water, walked every couple of hours and ate to break up the 17 hour journey. It was interesting that we took an Arctic route instead of a Pacific one. The plane arrived on time and all was right with the world.

The Hong Kong airport is one of the easiest airports to navigate. It was a breeze. All signage is in English and easy to find your way through. We are staying at the Sheraton Hong Kong and their courtesy counter is right out side of immigration. They were aware of our arrival and took our luggage right to the shuttle bus and then to the hotel. The hotel is wonderful and only a block from the cruise terminal. It is definitely a five star hotel and a fantastic value for a $75/Priceline hotel.

Tomorrow we will be doing sightseeing in earnest. A ferry boat trip over to Hong Kong Island and to the Admiralty and then some shopping. I hope my credit card doesn't melt.

The time change is my greatest enemy right now. It's 2:00 a.m. and I have slept for about 3 hours and now I am wide awake. Hopefully I can catch a few more hours of sleep and be ready to hit the town, bright and early.

Take care everyone,
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