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Have done the Boston to Bermuda TEN TIMES and hope to do it again.. Yes, I get sea sick, but I've now tale ginger tablets bought at the health food store.. and when you get to St George I go to Robertsons.. a drug store, and buy Sturgeron, a medication used by the ws recommended to me by a sailing M.D. at the hospital where I worikked. My favorite time is goijng before the kids get out of school.. the first two weeks in July and the second and t third week in September.. That said one year we had to leave a day early inSeptember because of an upcoming storm.. and another year we were sent up to Canada because of a major storm about to hiit Bermuda... and by the way if you have'n't gone to Halfax. St. John, Portland. Bar Harbor or Boston... you are missing great ports.. The last trip I spent several hours wandering around St. George seeimg beaitiful gardens, homes and views... Never have enough time...and who can miss the Swizzle Inn
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