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We had the partition opened for us on the Triumph in Jan. Make sure you bring along a set of allen wrenches (hex keys) so you can lock it back at night and when the wind decides to blow! There are times when the room steward isn't available to lock it back for you and if you have a set of allen wrenches you can do it yourself. We learned that the hard way! The wind blew really hard one day and we called the room steward to come lock it and it was during his off time, so we left a message for him. Later in the day when we returned to our cabin we heard a huge crash and the wind had ripped the top hinge off the side of the ship. My husband and brother in law, both good sized men wrestled with the door while we waited for someone to arrive and fix it. After 3 calls to the pursers desk, I finally convinced the lady that we needed maintenance not a room steward. (the 2 rooms had different room stewards) I finally had to say "this has gone from a safety hazard to am emergency. 2 large men are having a very difficult time hanging onto the partition. The wind is going to yank it overboard along with my husband" she said, oh it's a safety issue.. I'll send maintenance! They were there in less than 2 minutes and said we're so glad you called, this is a serious situation. They had to totally remove the partition and we didn't get it back for the rest of the trip! Yes, there is a hook to fasten it when it is open, but it would have completely covered the door to one of the cabins. We now have a set of allen wrenches ready to go in our suitcase!!

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