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the first two cruises my wife an i went on were royal carib ships, and they got us addicted to cruising. we were 30 (me) and 22 (my wife), but even then we were not big partyers. royal carib has a great product, and is certainly more festive than princess. having said that, after 11 cruises, princess is our favorite line, based on the overall quality of the cruise. we also like Holland, but that is definitely an older crowd. we now cruise with our two kids, and that fact effects things as well. i would stay away from carnival if you are looking for great quality (at least with respect to food, service, crowds). i have heard that the food on royal carib is not that good anymore, but the ships are always nice. unless you want to party till you drop, i am certain you would like princess; and that is what i recommend.
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