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Default balcony

I LOVE a balcony! me,it depends on the cruise.If money is no option,which normally it is for me,I want the balcony.But,if I need to put my money elsewhere,I take an inside.I have only done a cabin with a porthole once.To me,its inside or balcony.Im not lucky enough to have a suite yet!

Where are you cruising? I find that when Im cruising the Caribbean,I dont really have to have a balcony because I spend a lot of time up on deck or doing trivia games.I dont spend much time in my room.But,I must admit,its SO very nice to be able to walk out and see what the weathers like! Or its great coming into port.Ive never had a meal on a blacony yet,but I know a lot of ppl do,and Im not a coffee drinker,so dont need it for that!

I asked this same question about my upcoming cruise to the Greek Isles/Turkey.And,really,I feel that I cant justify the extra money for the balcony,since this cruise is more about the ports...that being said,I had almost talked myself into giving it up for an inside...but..I havent been able to do it yet

So,Yes,do a balcony!!
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