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I don't mind the Grand class ships that much but for all the islands, ports in the Med a small ship is so much better.

In my experience, the size of the ship is much less significant in European ports because the major European ports of call are quite capable of absorbing an extra few thousand people for a day. The only real advantage to a small ship on a cruise to Europe is its ability to get into certain ports like Rosyth (blockec to larger ships by a low bridge across the Firth of Forth) or Hamburg (which requires navigation up a relatively narrow river that might be too narrow for larger ships) that might be inaccessible to larger vessels. For those heading to Europe for the first time, these considerations are not significant because the ports of call that are accessible have plenty -- and I really do mean PLENTY -- to offer. It may be more significant to those who have been to Europe several times and want to visit places where they have not gone before.

That said, the Grand Princess class is not exactly my favorite class of vessels due to several annoying features of their deck plans that I have discussed previously on this board. Unfortunately, the Diamond Princess and {i]Caribbean Princess[/i] classes copy nearly all of those flaws.

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