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That's probably true, but the tender process on the bigger ships can be a painstaking process. I experienced it on the Sea Princess last fall when we stopped at Guernsey, a nightmare.

I don't recall enough tender ports in Europe for that to be an issue. In fact, the only European port where I recall tendering was Monte Carlo.

BTW, the secret to getting off the ship expeditiously in a tender port is to take a shore excursion. Shore excursions have first priority for tenders at their scheduled times of deperture, so other passengers have to wait whenever a lot of passengers are leaving on excursions.

She knew about the ship, same size as Pacific and Tahitian and said information would be available for 2007 Europe in April.

That's right. It turns out that Renaissance Cruises made some minor changes in the configuration of the balcony cabins and minisuites between the former MV R5 and MV R6, as a result of which the new MV Royal Princess (ex-MV R8 now operating as MV Minerva II for sister line Swan Hellenic Cruises) will carry four fewer passengers than MV Pacific Princess (ex-MV R3) and MV Tahitian Princess (ex-MV R4).

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