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I'm sure the name will cause some confusion for awhile!

Probably, but it really should not because it's not exactly the first name that Princess Cruises has recycled. Indeed, there were past ships named Sun Princess, Dawn Princess, Sea Princess, Golden Princess, Star Princess, Island Princess, Pacific Princess, and Crown Princess, too! I don't recall a previous Coral Princess but I can't say for sure that there wasn't also one of those.

I really enjoyed the former Royal Princess!

Yes, she was quite a lady -- truly befitting her both name and her godmother! -- and very innovative for her time. Indeed, many of her innovations are now standard design. She really was the first cruise ship of the modern era.

I must admit that the classic metal room and safe keys and the paper cruise cards did seem rather dated during my cruise to "Scandanavia and Western Europe" in 2001, though.

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