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i have recentlyposted that my mom and myself along with her sister and another person are all traveling on the carribean princess on june 18 06.
well jus talkd to my mom and she is having second thoughts. she and i have previuosly cruised and had a wonderful time and this time we were anxious for her sister to experience cruising. however she now says she isnt reallly excited becsuse she has talked to a couple ppl that have been on the large ships and she is nervous about the waiting so long in lines for the tenders to take us to a couple of the islands. 2 of us do have bad backs and standing for long periods really affects us.. we dont really know if we are takig any shore excursions but we do like to get off and walked aroud the islands and to end this can anyone offer any encouragement? she also thinks the ship will be so crowded she wont be able to enjoy herself. . so what do u say?

Princess has done a very good job of designing large ships that feel intimate and offering a diversity of activities that do spread out the pssengers, so it's rare to encounter crowds onboard. The only place where I have ever seen congestion is in the photo gallery, and there only at certain times.

Princess uses a ticket system for tenders. When you are ready to go ashore independently, you go as a group to the ticket station and get tickets together, then relax in a lounge until they call your number. Thus, there's no waiting in line for tenders. If you are booked on an excursion, the excursion will have reserved tenders so you just go to the lounge where the excursion meets.

That said, it really sounds like there's some other dynamic that's causing your mother to get cold feet. It might be good to get to the root of what's really going on, if you can, so you can deal with it before the cruise rather than during the cruise.

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