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Thanks Norm & CruiseAholic!

You're welcome!

We are going May 16th, so hopefully we will miss the big crowds and hot weather.

Good. The weather should be reasonable for touring then.

Is Ephesus that great? I've heard some people say that they think it's better than Pompeii. We are going to Pompeii, but I wasn't sure about Ephesus, especially since I thought there was enough to do/see just by walking around the main part of town.

Yes, the tour of Ephesus is terrific!

I totally disagree with the recommendation on Pompeii, though. Rather, do the full day excursion to the Isle of Capri from Napoli. It's a magnificent spot with quaint towns, rugged terrain, magnificent sights, fabulous dining (the tour includes a classic Italian lunch), incredible shopping (don't miss the wood inlay products in the town of Anacapri -- the craftsmanship is stunning and the prices are quite reasonable), and an interesting history of its own. The view from the funicular returning to the dock from the town of Capri alone is worth the trip!

I also disagree with the recommendation on the tour of both Firenze and Pisa from Livorno. That'ss way too much to cram into a single day, so you won't have time to see either very well, and it ended up being the only disappointment on the whole cruise. Since you are going to both Civitavecchia (for Roma) and Napoli, where you'll have full day tours, your best bet from Livorno probably is the half-day tour to Pisa so that you'll have a bit of "down time" in the midst of several ambitious ports of call. If you must see Firenze, though, skip Pisa and see Firenze well.

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