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Default First time cruisers - Temperature - evening and night

This is my first post on any site. Don't know how to put the emotion faces in the text, not sure if I checked the correct options and hope I have stated everything correctly????????????

My wife and I will be with a group cruise June 11 thru 18 on the Pride of Aloha. This will be our FIRST cruise. We will be celebrating both our birthdays and our 47th wedding anniversary.

I have checked out every site related to cruising that I could find. This site appears to have a lot of "seasoned" cruisers to give us "newbies" a lot of good info.

On one of the sites someone posted to be sure and bring along heavy sweats and/or a warm jacket for the evenings and night when on deck or land. I was under the inpression that Hawaii was warm day AND night. Here in Central Texas June nights are quite warm, so do not know exactly what to expect in Hawaii. Maybe it is because of the closs proximity to water that warrents heavy sweats or jacket???

Also, (except for a VERY few posts) the POA seems to have a multitude of problems. Until I read the post by kcbmarek who had just returned from the same cruise that we are taking, we were wondering if we had made a big mistake booking the cruise.

Would appreciate any and all info. concerning the SHIP and the cruise.

Thanks in advance, crabbie1
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