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If you have ever stayed in one of those balconies, you probably have experienced the same thing we did. The Star (along with the other Grand class ships) have staggered balconies. We often found trash on our balcony that had been tossed overboard from the decks above. Some people are so rude. I'll never understand that. There are trash cans and ashtrays everywhere, yet some people still toss stuff over the side. Anyway, if someone tossed a lit cigarette over the side and it landed on someone's beach towel or one of the pieces of trash that inevitably ends up there each morning, I can see how the fire might have started.

The frustrating part is that after seeing pictures of the damage, there is no way I will be sailing the Star on 4/2, but Princess has yet to officially cancel the cruise. I received a call from Cruise Connections (bus to the pier), saying that Princess called them and cancelled. But when we called Princess directly, they say it wasn't cancelled. I do have a hold on a cabin on the Norwegian Jewel, but am holding off until my TA talks to Princess again this morning. Hopefully, they will have reached a decision by then so I can go ahead and book another cruise for the same week.
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