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Previously posted in Chit Chat:

When I quit smoking I swore that I wasn't going to become one of those crusading "born again" non-smokers. I was the world's happiest smoker and at 3 packs a day I had never, ever tried or intended to quit. At age 41 I was informed that my tests conducted at my military retirement physicial showed signifcant reduction of lung function and the doctor could just about guarantee that I would be hauling oxygen along in about 10-20 years. I quit and have been smoke free for 15 years. I was so addicted to smoking that I never accept the weak excuse that people give that they can't quit or that they enjoy it. Yeah, I really enjoyed the coughing and smelly clothes. I smoked becuase I was addicted.

Having said that, it is now time to expand the crusade against smoking. The incident on the Star is proof positive that this filthy, disgusting habit indeed hurts more than just the smoker. Not only were thousands placed in danger because of this smoker, thousands of future vacations were ruined thanks to one careless smoker. While we cannot and should not ban it entirely, we should continue to make it so difficult and inconvenient for the smoker to find an acceptable place to smoke that thier numbers continue to drop. On cruise ships this could include a ban in the cabins, leaving them only able to smoke on the designated side of the ship and in the casino.

Flame away smokers, I have had my say and I do not care. You say you are a careful smoker??? Yes you may be but having puffed the killer weed for 25 years (yes I started when I was 16), I have had lapses, so that excuse only goes so far. You still insist you only hurt yourself? Bull!!! If not from the fires caused by careless smoking, how about the grieving families left behind when many of you die prematurely? How about the strain on our medical resources?

Please quit!!!! If I could, anyone could.

Added: Those who are expressing doubt about the cause are probably smokers engaging in the ever popular sport of denial.

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