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I think it's a big mistake to take a horrific accident such and the Star incidident and turn it into a "politicial discussion" about the evils of cigarettes.

Take the same mentality, and we should bad any activity that's caused the death of any person under any circumstance. We'll have to bad wheels on cars, have cruise passengers take physical exams, and blood tests at embarkation, ban buses in places where roads are deemed damgerous, ban the sail of alcohol everywhere because so many people cause foolish and unnecessary damage to materials and other people.

There are risks inheritant in every thing anyone does both inside and outside their homes. We go begging or lobbying for rules and regulations to cover every evenutallity for harm and we're asking for a society much different than most of are used to living in.

Personally I think the majority of people, not governing bodies, are the ones smart enough to set rules for themselves. Those who think the gov't should institute the rules are in a careful what you ask for abyss.
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