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It sounds like you had a really interesting day in Shanghai, Mike. A word of caution: I hope that you got sales receipts/invoices for the stuff you've purchased in China.

I'm curious to know if the merchants have been offering you multiple invoices (an old Chinese trick), one for what you actually paid and another indicating lesser value which they suggest that you show to the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) people.

I used to see this every time I shopped in Hong Kong and other Asian cities. I'm sure that you wouldn't be a party to that, but I thought I'd mention it anyway so that you could pass it on to your CM companions.

Each returning U.S. resident is entitled to an $800 duty-free exemption clearing customs in the U.S. If you go over, the duty is only 10% of the excess retail cost. Be sure that everybody declares the actual price they paid for their acquisitions, and that they don't try to get "cute" or fall for that false-invoice trick. The CBP people know the true value of most items, believe me, but they will still frequently ask to see invoices.

Sorry to get morbid with you, Mike, but I wouldn't want any of your people having their cruise vacation spoiled when the CBP officers find any of their declarations to be fraudulent. It happens a lot with travelers to the Orient. It's not pretty to see anyone hauled out of line, have their purchases seized and then have to pay a hefty fine in order to get them back.

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