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What would you do if you were in my shoes? Here's the situation:

Cruise Connections (bus to the pier) cancelled us for Star Princess 4/2, saying that Princess called them to tell them the cruise is cancelled. I called them back and they insist that Princess called them to cancel.

Our TA has spoken w/Princess and they say that 4/2 sailing has NOT been cancelled, but the person she spoke with thought it would be, and suggested we wait until they announce something before we do anything. I also called Princess myself, and was told the same thing. I wasn't looking for a freebie, I was just hoping they'd let me rebook without penalty. I figured if they would, I could book the NCL Jewel cabin that my TA is holding for me just in case mine is cancelled. I hoped they would consider that I'm a platinum member, and that I would definitely sail with them again.

I find it very hard to believe that the ship would be sailing in a week. Even if they do some work while it's at sea, I can't imagine that it could be made even presentable by then. If it were my company, I don't think I'd sail it as is - sometimes looks do count when $ is concerned.

Would you take the chance that they are going to cancel 4/2 and go ahead and book another cruise? I could leave the Star booking open and book the other. I realize if they don't cancel, I'd be out the money.

So what would you do?

I would wait until Princess cancels before doing anything. Princess probably will not do anything further until the team of investigators completes its investigation into the cause of the fire and the cause of the adamage caused by the fire.

I agree with your assessment that MV Star Princess probably will not return to service any time soon. Nonetheless, it's entirely possible that your cruise is completely booked and that another cruise at the same time is significantly undersold. In such a situation, Princess Cruises may well decide to cancel the other ship's booking and operate your cruise with the other ship.

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