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Default What to Pack for a Transatlantic Crossing in Late April?

Folks...please entertain the following question from a cruise ship neophyte (though I did once have the pleasure of spending a night aboard the Queen Mary 2). My wife and I plan to cross the Atlantic eastbound in late April/early May on a cruise that will also call at Madeira, Nice, Barcelona and (I believe) one Italian port.
I have no idea what the weather is like on the high seas at that time of year, but if I had to hazard a guess, it would be: windy and cold, especially for those of us who live in South Florida. I would appreciate any advice that more experienced cruisers might be able to offer on what sort of clothing to pack for the Atlantic and Med at that tiime of year. Bulky sweaters and parkas (and maybe long johns) to keep out the chill during the morning constitutional on deck? Watch caps? Anything else? (Ladies, I'd be especially grateful for any guidance you could provide my wife).
Thank you for your help!
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