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[quote="mjyanne"]Whether or not this particular fire was caused by someone carelessly using or disposing of smoking material (I have read it's possible that a cigarette was "tossed" from an upper deck, but let's wait and see) cruise ships may have to seriously consider banning or severely restricting smoking on ships.

Frankly (and yes I am a reformed smoker but still smoke an occasional cigar) I would like to see smoking banned on all cruise ships. Maybe the ships could establish a smoking area (similar to the cigar lounges).

No matter what we all think (Pro or Con) there will most certainly be a knee jerk reaction to this and an extreme policy will be put in place (insurance companies will require it or raise premiums).

We would like to see a severe policy curtailing smoking OR using irons in the cabins (enforced that is!) ...this incident sadly demonstrates how deadly serious this issue is...One careless person has cost the life of one passenger...the injury of many others and perhaps millions in damages and lost revenue. It has been an accident just waiting to happen.

This should not be looked at as an ANTI SMOKING issue ...but as safety issue. We are all affected...
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