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In Anne Campbell's report on the other page, it was the paint on the outside of the ship that was flammable. Since the fire was on the outside of the ship, the internal alarms didn't ring. It went undetected for quite awhile before somebody noticed. Her report is very interesting.
The Investigation will have to show how the cigarette got to the paint--wind? He threw it? Since the ship had been out to see since Sunday, I'm sure the smoker had done what he did with his other cigarettes or butts before that without a problem. I dare say, it was a freak accident that the smoker didn't plan on causing.
Am I a smoker?? NO!!! I don't like smoking in my house. I don't like it when my next door neighbor blows cigar smoke in my face when he's talking to me.
I do agree, that we should see what the investigation brings to the table concerning causation in relationship to the smoker, cigarette, wind conditions and other mitigating circumstances before we start a campaign against smoking and smokers in general. I'm sure that it was the smoker's worst nightmare, too, to set the ship he was on on fire.
This might indeed make him or her look at the habit and end it. Or, it might cause so much stress over the whole experience that the person smokes more to ease the anxiety.

The picture IS very unsettling. All of us who have been aboard this ship are kind of taking it personally. The cabins of two sets of friends who were with me in Oct. were in cabins that have been lost in this fire. There are lots of emotions and judgements flying around right now. Let's wait to see what the investigation shows. Some ships are already altering their smoking policies, and I do have other friends who have been on the Paradise-the none smoking ship. We will all make our choices as to what cruise will be better for us, smoking, non-smoking or mixed as it is now. One way or another we may miss out on meeting some wonderful people if all smoking is banned.

It was most unfortunate, shocking, scary, eye-opening, maddening, but much too early to start judging. Understanding of the circumstances is the point where I am now.

Ruby Princess
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