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Default Fire speculation

Everyone is speculating as to the cause of this fire and why the cabin sprinklers did not work. If, indeed this did start on a balcony, what material was the furniture made of? Many are saying it was a cigarette that started it, but that is a "rush to judgment" because no authority in charge ever said that. Re speculation: we have cruised 18 times and were talking theories. Cabins on cruise ships are "slotted" so to speak and slid in place individually. Above the ceilings is the utility space through which all electrical lines, ventilation ducts and water pipes to feed the bathroom and the sprinkler system. For people to speculate that the fire was caused by a cigarette, is just that, speculation. There are countless ways a fire can start; a cigarette, sure, or a candle, or an iron, or an electrical shortage in the ceiling area. The investigators are working to give us answers, real answers.

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