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Originally Posted by Irish Shark
I think that the cruise lines should ban smoking, knock off the booze, and shut down the casino. The ship should just sail in a circle 2 miles offshore. The only activities would be pottery and bridge lessons.

Now that we are all nice and safe, happy cruising.
Plu-ease! You can be sure not all of us are as diplomatic as you where our personal or family safety is concerned. No one is asking for extreme unreasonable measures...but some common sense!

If there is a fire at's not like you can run out of the ship the same as you would a burning building. How many tragedies do we need? Really, isn't one enough for a wake up call? Or does the lesson we need to learn only gain importance the more that suffer? Is that the way we really want to learn?

If it was your family member that died, or was injured...or your possesions that were lost in the fire...and you found out that all this grief that affected YOU PERSONALLY was caused by a careless smoker...would that be enough for you to want something positive done to prevent this from happening again?
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