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The Cruise Guy wrote:
If ALL cruiselines prohibited smoking entirely they would loose 2/3rds to 3/4ths of there now traveling clients.
I can only assume that he must himself be a smoker otherwise he would not have got his statistics completely round the wrong way
The latest set of figures for the U.S. re 2003 show that 21.5% of adults smoke and the same statistics relating to the U.K. for 2006 show 25%.
So if the cruise lines decided to ban smoking except in designated areas their maximum passenger loss would be around 20% even if all smokers got so p...ed off that they completely give up cruising which just is not going to happen. The remaining 80% (which happens to be a fairly large majority) would be over the moon.
It's happened in aircraft, it's happened throughout Europe and it's even happened in California. Make no mistakes - it's going to happen in cruising - it is simply a case of WHEN. This tragic accident, whether or not caused by a cigarette, will simply hasten the decision.
Cheers. Paul
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