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Originally Posted by The Cruise Guy
OK, Costa is non-smoking, they have many itineraies. Soooooooo, for you non-smokers, theres your cruise line. If ALL cruiselines prohibited smoking entirely they would loose 2/3rds to 3/4ths of there now traveling clients. Yes you will have an abundant choice of cruises because they will only be about 1/4 full. Of course to make up the lost revenue of smokers your $500 inside cabin on a 7 day cruise will now cost you $2000 to $2500. BUT YOU WILL BE SMOKE FREE.
Love to know where you get your stats Cruise Guy not like any numbers Ive ever heard
Btw the same "logic" was quoted when smoking was banned an all restaurants and bars they were all going out of business!
Didn't happen!!
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