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Well, this thread that started as an information source for the tragic fire aboard the Star Princess, has seemed to have come to the conclusion that a lit cigarette, (or Cuban cigar), is the definite cause. No one has mentioned any other possible ignition sources.

Personally, I have seen irons, (which are prohibited), and have smelled burning incence when out on my balcony. Has anyone ventured to point these out as possible sources? No, it is definitely the cigarette.

I read these boards daily, and sometimes ask an information question, or answer, to the best of my knowledge, to someone seeking specific info on a ships' policy or customary practices. This board is a valuable asset to those seeking such data.

A book could be written on the things people do or the overindulgencies they display on a cruise, that annoy me, but there won't be any threads written by myself that chastises those individuals. You see all types on a cruise. Some enjoyable, and some not so personable. The less savory characters have never spoiled my vacation as, on a ship with 3000+ passengers, I can distant myself from them.

Sometimes the info threads are amusing. I like reading ones like "Passenger falls off ( Ships' Name)." Now, how does someone "fall" off a ship with a railing that comes to chest high? By the time the tread gets to the second page, the "detectives" have surfaced who have fully assessed the situation. (No on has ever suggested banning alcohol on the ships, though. Wouldn't that be a riot?).

The fact that a cruise last week got ruined is terrible, and I hope it doesn't occur again soon. We'll all still cruise and have wonderful times and those will be the most pleasant memories.
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