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Default Re: NCL Lowering Fare Question

Originally Posted by lumofny
I'm considering purchasing travel on a cruise on NCL in September os 06. The price for the 8 night cruise now is going to be $640 per person, including all taxes and fees. I have a few questions...

When a particualr website, such as CruiseCompete says 'this prices includes all taxes and fees', does this usually includ the $10pppd gratuity?

Is the $640 for a 8 night cruise a good deal, or would you suggest waiting until the date gets closer for booking? Do you know if NCL has a policy where they will refund the difference if the price lowers before the departure date? What is the process? Thanks!
I don't know about lowering the fare, but I think I've read that they will do this only previous to your final deposit.
I do not think it includes the gratuity. The gratuity will be charged to your shipboard account that you receive on your final night. This makes tipping much easier. You can also give people who have gone 'above and beyond' additional tips if you think they deserve them.
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