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:o I am amazed by the interest this single news event has generated over a period of only 5 days. At this time there has been more than 2,682 viewings. This would seem to suggest that for whatever reason, this onboard fire has definitely struck a chord. Perhaps the link for those who have previously sailed is the thought... but for the grace of god go I... or, for those thinking about taking that first cruise, is this something I should rethink

Regardless, it is in a forum such as this where contributors (like you & me) can and do electronically assemble to discuss a wide range of topics. Obviously, as mere mortals (myself included) participating in this discussion, few of us can lay claim to being expert or sufficiently informed enough to authoritatively comment on the actual cause. Having said that, it would seem to me we should sustain this debate while being ever mindful of the need to be respectful of, and receptive to, the different opinions of the contributors. Having said that, and most importantly because others like myself in fact grew up in a Western democracy that suscribes to free speech, everyone surely has a right to express her or his opinion.

It is for that reason (the right to freely comment and express opinions) that I find the postings submitted thus far to be most interesting. Probably without exception, not one of the respondents can claim to be on the inside beltway in this debate. If that assumption on my part is even remotely true, I for one want to hear from all sides without their fear of being chastised or otherwise having their views challenged in a threatening or otherwise intimidating way. After all, is personal comment or opinion not what most people offer upon hearing breaking news on something that especially interests or affects them? We would all do well to remember that while we may have different perspectives at this time as to how this fire particular started, it is inappropriate to snuff-out the current firestorm of interest and idle specualtion on the subject. Any fire on board a ship at sea is a public safety issue and debating the possible or potential cause is (to me at least) equally important to knowing how to prevent a similar fire from happening again. Please keep up the good work 8) .
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