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I just returned from a cruise in the Bahamas. The Sovereign of the Seas. When we docked in Nassau, my boyfriend, my daughter, and I went off on our own. We strolled the streets for a while. Every other step we were approaced by someone "not selling anything". Felt very uncomfortable. Walked through the straw market. That is a dump. Every aisle has the same thing. Left very quickly. We decided to take a cab ride to Paradise Island. A cab ride to the island is $4 per person. The cabby dropped us off at the beach. Stood there for several minutes looking lost. Decided to go back to Nassau. Once we got back we started walking back to the ship. We saw several people from our group being approached by the Natives(Cab drivers) offering a tour of Nassau and Atlantis. Originally we bypassed this offer, just leary on what was being offered. We told the group to take them up on the offer. There was no way they were going to get around Nassau without knowing where they were going. So, we too joined. There were 31 of us. We took three vans. They toured through Nassua, the rich and poor areas. Took us to a market (similar to the straw market, not as big). The cab drivers claim the only business this market gets is what they bring them. While driving, the cab drivers also give history of the Bahamas and certain areas we were in. It was quite educational. Then they took us to Atlantis. We toured Atlantis, the aquarium is beautiful. The is was part of the $20.00 fee we paid the cab. When finished the cab drives took us back to Nassau. They will leave you there too, if you want to stay and go the the beach. If so, then you have to pay $4 for a cab ride back.
If you choose this "excursion" ask for Doctor Feelgood. Enjoy your trip.
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