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MOST smokers not all of them but MOST smokers are extremely inconsiderate. Notice that I said MOST smokers. If you are NOT in this catagory then you shouldn't be offended. These inconsiderate smokers simply don't care about anyone but themselves. They are going to satisify their nasty habit when the urge strikes them regardless. They smoke in arears designated non smoking especially on cruise ships. They Stand outside public buildings and blow smoke in your face as you try to walk past them. They smoke in non smoking hotel rooms if they can't get a smoking room. Stink up the rental cars. Oh and how about these little gems. They throw their lighted butts out the window while driving in the dry forest areas. They pull up to a red light and empty their ash tray on the street. I have even observed smokers puting cigarettes out on carpet floors. It makes you wonder if the nictoine causes the brain to commit these inconsiderate and disrectfull acts. So to those who believe that smoking should be banned on cruise ships. Wouldn't work ..they would smoke anyway. Telling them they can't wouldn't do a darn thing. After all they smoke in non smoking areas of the ship now don't they. ?
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