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Lets not get all hysterical here and start walking smokers off the plank.


[tongue in cheek]

The smoking bans have become so convoluted, at least here in Massachusetts, that it's often difficult to figure out where smoking is permitted and where smoking is forbidden. Thus, I propose a simplification that would reduce smoking bans to just three.

>> 1. Since cigarettes and other smoking matierals are a burn hazard in an accident or in event of unexpected movement, as well as a potential source of distraction to the operator that may cause an accident, there shall be no smoking in any vehicle, vessel, or other conveyance.

>> 2. Since cigarettes and other smoking materials can ignite dried vegetation, causing serous fies, there shall be no smoking anywhere out of doors.

>> 3. Since tobacco smoke causes cancer and other medical conditions, and thus is a hazard to all who breathe it, there shall be no smoking inside of any building or other structure.

There, much simpler!

[/tongue in cheek]

But given the nature of the hazard posed by any fire at sea, walking the plank really would be an appropriate punishment for those who violate a ship's rules on smoking....

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