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Harry, the post may seem angrier than I really am. I just dont want to be spending money on cruiseline that discriminates.

The post regarding True or False speaks to the heart of the matter:

"The longer the duration and the more exotic the cruise, the less homophobic and more socially accommodating the fellow passenger are."

I love it. I could not think of the correct way to express myself, but here it is like a gift; RCI is homophobic and not socially accommodating. IF they were not, they would gladly offer a FOD meeting for those who requested it.

The term socially accomodating is key to the argument. It is such an issue with Gay people on cruise ships that there is a thread regarding it. Lets face it, we have all been at the table where the fellow diners are uncomfortable with the fact that they are forced to share dinner with the gay couple.

A FOD gathering is really not much to ask. A while back there was a post regarding this and I thought if we asked for a LGBT meeting it could help the matter. It seemed much more forthright and less clandestine.

But if we just sit back and say, well it just a Cruise Ship Company's homophobia and dont demand that they offer this for us or we wont travel them, we will just be reinforcing the cruiselines and fellow passengers to be homophobic and not socially accomodating.


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