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I've been looking at the ships photo of all the damage and must say, a little concerned, especially if my family was on that ship. We were on the Sun Princess this past November and for the first time, we all mustered in the ships lounge verses the muster stations underneath the life boats. It took quite some time for everyone to get in and seated and even longer to exit.

So, at what point were they considering lowering the life boats a putting passenger on them? If you look at the pictures, there are several life boats and rafts directly below the fire. If the fire kept on spreading downwards, you wouldn't be able to get on the boats and several passengers wouldn't have a way off the ship. Even so, you wouldn't want to be at the loadings station with the fire above you with hot metal burning. The boats should of been lowered and taken to the other side of the ship as a precaution before the fire got that bad. As you know, everyone sitting in that lounge didn't have a clue how bad things were getting. If it took several hours to locate everyone, how long would it take to get everyone off? What kaos whould there of been if you lost all the life boats under the fire and had strand several hundred passengers because of it. That fire spread fast and this really concerns me.
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