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We can sympathize with you on this one but it is not only Royal Caribbean that pulls this stunt. And by stunt we mean the Catch 22 run-around, "Sorry it's up to the cruise director, no, sorry, it's up to corporate office". When you challange the corporate offices the "official" response is that they have no policy on FOD gatherings. But it is their corporate policy to always accommodate a meeting location with support in publication notices for Friends Of Bill W. gatherings. Why then do they say they have no policy on our segment of society and "allow the cruise director to decide". Can you imagine any large corporation allowing a supervisor to dictate corporate policy. Out of the question! There true policy is , "well, if we must I guess we must"

What these Neanderthal cruise lines do not understand is the bottom line value of the FOD gathering offers. Say they have a dozen gay couples aboard seated at a dozen large tables. Depending on the passenger list of course, there are some very unhappy passengers sitting with us. We are not happy with them and they are not happy with us. But if they encourage a FOD gathering immediately upon boarding as does Princess Lines, we gay passengers will likely pair up and form tables together where we are then happy and the homophobes at those other tables are no longer unhappy. Simple isn't it?
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