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Disappointed that the CD refused to do a FOD meeting.. .but am not suprised that RCCL and most of the other cruise lines do not want to. I do not feel that there is rampant homophobia within the company. In the business world that these companies operate and the legal environment of our country, it is much easier to say no to all special interest groups that would like to have a meeting on board. If companies say yes to a FOD meeting, they would also have to say yes to other special interest groups that may ask... including extremist groups, or then it would be discriminatory. Saying no to a FOD meeting is not discriminatory unless they are providing meetings for other interest groups.

Since there are generally numerous gay travellers on board and we are using our gaydar... its a great way to break the ice and make your own FOD meeting. If your gaydar goes into overdrive with someone in particular... .tell them that some FOD's are meeting in X lounge at X time. The average straight person would be clueless... but if someone was a friend... they would know.
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