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Security, I am sure it's fine, but still mixing the party life and the young age can be a perscription for who knows. I am not trying to scare you, we did a cruise for our granddaughters 21st birtday and it's great way to celebrate. I just think it's back to that "do not wander around alone on the ship or anywhere" Will there be others in the group her age, are you going right around Christmas so other young people will be cruising? NCL is not Carnival. I say that so you will know there won't be as much partying, but certainly there will be lots of 20 somethings in the bar area and everything will be open til the wee hours. Yes, she can stay up 1/2 the night and sleep 1/2 the day plus still finding time to snorkel, swim with the Dolphins etc. Relax, she will have a wonderful graduation celebration and you will enjoy the Sun. Again, I am certain she knows the importance of being is a group. I know my oldest granddaughter who is 23 and just married says, never did she and her friends wander around without a buddy. this was true even a frat parties she said. For her graduation we did Vegas last year. By then she was engaged so her fiance was with her, thank goodness. NMnita
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