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I am a non-smoker who owns a restaurant which had to go non-smoking because of Florida law. You know what? I am now getting other restaurant's business because I have a covered deck for smokers. Other restaurants are suffering because of this law. I heard all the garbage from non-smokers about how much more likely they are to dine out if all restaurants were non-smoking. Statistics prove they weren't! My business is up because smokers can come to my place and sit under a roof with ceiling fans and out of the rain.

I also have a friend who owns a bar which also served food. He had to make a decision. Get rid of the food, or get rid of the smokers! He got rid of the food. Had to lay off 5 kitchen staff, two of which had been there for over 10 years. Now people sit in his bar and get drunk but can't get a cheeseburger and fries to soak up the alcohol.

Makes sense to me.

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