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I use the patch. Tried Bonine on our first cruise and it had same effect as Dramamine--might as well have taken a sugar pill! No relief at all, and wow was I ever sick. I should have know better because I have always suffered from motion sickness. Even certain rides in amusement parks will turn me green. But I love cruising and won't give it up. Now I follow the directions for the patch and forget about it. No symptoms, no sea sickness, nothing but a good time, and I've been in some very rough seas. I really think it depends on how sensitive you are to motion. Sort of like pain pills. Aspirin works great when you just have a mild headache, but if your coming out of major surgery, that aspirin won't do a thing for you. You need morphine! So let's just say it's a matter of degree and only you know how much of a problem you have.
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