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Default Emaiil sent to RCCL


Can you please tell me RCCL company policy for posting a gathering for gays (FOD meeting) in the daily Cruise Compass. Below is a copy of a post I found on

Thank You for your help.
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Just off the 10 day Panama Canal trip on Brillance of the Seas. We requested a FOD meeting to be put in the Cruise Compass and we were denied. we were told it was against company policy.

We did spot other gay people on the ship and did have an opportunity to meet a few of them and they too requested a FOD meeting and were denied.

From our count, there were at LEAST 24 gay people that our radar could easily identify. Of those we met 1/4th.

I strongly suggest to everyone out there NOT to ride Royal Caribbean. They have blatent disregard for our community. They dont understand that these meetings are for us to offer us a chance to meet other like minded people.

They do it for Bill W. and they do it for Honeymooners. And they have no problems making all that money off the gay people who book on the Atlantis Charters (which are some of the most profitable cruises in the industry).

If a company can not post a simple FOD gathering in their daily Cruise bulletin it says to me that they believe that a gay life is wrong.

Travel on Princess. Not only is it nicer, but the Cruise director asked how many meetings we wanted and Celebrated us with Free Champange and H'ors D'oerves. By the way, the cruise director was not gay.

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