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Originally Posted by momofmeg
Most here are NOT asking for a smoke free ship but a ship with desiginated smoking areas with extra fire proof material-which brings me to THIS. hey say the problem was from someone throwing off a lit cigerette off a balcony.

If smokers would be more responsible-then this topic would not even be here-it is here only because of ONE idiot-who acted irresponsibly.
I didn't realise that they had determined the cause of the fire, are you privy to some information that has not yet been made public?

Why do the ships need extra fire proof material? It is not like there have been fires springing up like weeds due to these idiots that you mention.

Would you also be so vocal about banning electricity from ships if it was determined the cause was a short-circuit?

People face risks 24 hours a day, you do what you can to minimise these, but you cannot eliminate all risk entirely. And it would be an extremely unpleasant world if they tried. Face it this whole smoking issue is based not so much on the risk, but the number of people who think it easy to bash on smokers because it is politically correct to do so.

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