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Originally Posted by PeterV
Originally Posted by momofmeg
Most here are NOT asking for a smoke free ship but a ship with desiginated smoking areas with extra fire proof material-which brings me to THIS. hey say the problem was from someone throwing off a lit cigerette off a balcony.

If smokers would be more responsible-then this topic would not even be here-it is here only because of ONE idiot-who acted irresponsibly.
I didn't realise that they had determined the cause of the fire, are you privy to some information that has not yet been made public?

Why do the ships need extra fire proof material? It is not like there have been fires springing up like weeds due to these idiots that you mention.

Would you also be so vocal about banning electricity from ships if it was determined the cause was a short-circuit?

People face risks 24 hours a day, you do what you can to minimise these, but you cannot eliminate all risk entirely. And it would be an extremely unpleasant world if they tried. Face it this whole smoking issue is based not so much on the risk, but the number of people who think it easy to bash on smokers because it is politically correct to do so.

No Peter I am not "privy" to any information-I am just adding to the OP's orginal post.

Actually I doubt that is the true cause because you KNOW GOOD AND WELL- many a slob has done that-so if that could cause a fire-then heck my guess is there would have been a cruiseship fire long before now from that.

I can tell you this-my father almost killed himself many years ago because he passed out with a lit cigerette. He was an alcoholic and drank steady all day from sun up to sundown-he barely managed to stay half-way sober while he was at work-but as soon as he came home from work-he would be drunk himself to a stuper within an hour.

When he almost killed himself-my mother and I (I was around 15 then) were out of town for the weekend. We came home that Sunday night to find my parent's bed destroyed and my father asleep (actually passed out) in my bedroom. Mom woke Dad and tried to find out what happened but he did not even know.

My brother came by about an hour later that night- (he was grown by then and not living at home)- my brother told us he had stopped by that afternoon and found the house full of smoke and our dad passed out in his bed and the bed on fire. My brother pulled my Dad out and put the fire out. He tried to take Dad to the emergency room (by this time he had woke Dad up ) but Dad would not go-so he was coming by again to make sure Dad was okay as he was not sure when we were returning.

So I can easily see how that scenerio could happen on a cruiseship-and to me- that makes more sense to me that someone passed out with a cigerette that was lit-or they could have set down a lit cigerette and being drunk left it lying somewhere in their cabin and then possibly left their cabin to go Party" some more.

Or it could be as some suggested that a person DELIBERATELY set the fire for who knows what reason-maybe because they were jerks-who knows?

I guess we could go on guessing on that all day- and we may never really KNOW what happened. The POINT though I was TRYING to make is that no one asked for a smoke free ship but that smoking be restricted to certain very fireproof areas. That is what I was answering to the person who was upset that people wanted a "smoke free" ship.

Heck give me some slack-I am not an anti-smoker hater. As long as people are not harming me-they can do what they want. I could care less-unless it is hurting me.

and I agree with you there has been too much hoopla over this-and no it has not terrifed me-we booked a cruise on Caribbean Princess the very next day. I agree I could drop dead from a heart attack or stroke-or I could die driving in my car that 1 mile to the grocry store-----------
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