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Hey, I actually made $20 or so on the penny slots! NCL also has a Casinos at Sea program so if you go to the casino at all, sign up on the first day. It's like any casino, you'll get a card that keeps track of your play and on the last night if you have the right amount of points they'll pay you off. I was a few short since I was a slug and didn't sign up til half way into the cruise. The points are also good for a year or so,so they can be carried over.

In another thread somewhere I was told about NCL honoring land based casino points for free or discounted cruises. I was dubious and gave the Casinos at Sea office a call and sure enough after receiving a fax of Dwain the Magnificent's card they offered us a 20% discount on any cruise. Not free, but not too shabby either. I know the really high rollers have gotten free rooms but I use my Cruise Points anyway.
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