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Default Porter, Excursion & Shuttle Tips…what do you pay?

I always worry if we’re giving the going rate for tips. I’m not talking about tips for great service, that I can figure out. I’m talking about tips for everyday average service. Like when the hotel van picks you up at the airport and takes you to the hotel. Or when you order a shuttle service to pick you up at home and take you to the airport. Or what about porters at the pier? Yes, I know that I could give anything I want, but is the amount that I give in line with everyone else?

So how have we figured out this amount so far? We always abide by the unwritten law that says, “never ask anyone sitting next to you what they are going to tip.? Our normal method is to catch a glimpse of what other people are tipping. My husband and I carefully watch to see what others are pulling out of their wallets. Then we have a discussion and figure out our amount. Sometimes it’s hard because everyone likes to fold their tip money. Lately I’ve been noticing that other couples are watching too. That’s good, it means we’re not alone in our uncertainty.

So here’s my question. For a family of three, what do you tip for average service for the following:
1) Excursions
2) Airport shuttle to hotel
3) Hotel shuttle to pier
4) Porters at pier
5) Shuttle van that picks you up at home and drops you off at the airport
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