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Default Trouble on the Holiday

MOBILE, Al) April 1 - Many passengers aboard Carnival's Holiday cruise ship returning from a cruise to Mexico say they had a terrible time.

The ship, said to be newly refurbished, has been on loan to FEMA to house hurricane Katrina evacuees in Pascagoula.

"The best time I had on this ship was this morning getting off of it." Angry passengers returning from a vacation aboard Carnival's Holiday cruise ship share horror stories about their experience. Allen Moore of Indiana holds a poster board full of names of other passengers dissatisfied with the cruise ship. "The hot and cold water fluctuates. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't" he says.

The ship, now back in Mobile to pick up even more passengers, took its first voyage to Mexico since being chartered by FEMA to house hurricane evacuees. "Hot tubs...they were out of service which is ok, but they were welding on them, working on them with my kids right there" says Moore.

Before the ship took off, Carnival officials stated improvements would be made to make this vacation a comfortable one for passengers. But some say even the basic necessities were not available, like working toilets, flushing their idea of a vacation down the drain. "It was like sewage. It was brown, green, disgusting. We have video" says Melissa Clemmons, a Panama City resident.

Meanwhile, crew members work to prepare the ship for another five day cruise, a cruise so many others, including the family from Panama City, wish they had not taken. "I don't want that ship to leave today with another group of two thousand victims" says Clemmons.

Many passengers aboard the ship did receive letters from carnival stating a guest services representative would contact them sometime this week.

from a TV news report in Mobile.....

Sounds like Carnival is rushing these ships back into service before they are ready to go..... What is going on at Carnival???? I have a booking set for later this October.... hope they get their act together soon.... the cruise industry doesn't need any more bad press.
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