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Default Sting Ray City

Do not book on the ship for Sting Ray City in Grand Cayman, as we have seen the yachts and they are packed full. When you get off the ship just cross the street and walk about 10 mins. or so to the left and you will come to Capt Marvins, he is the best and a lot cheaper. IfI remember right itwas around $39US per person. If you want to book it ahead, all you have to do is put your Credit Card No. in at no charge to you and if for some reason the ship does not make it to port on that day, you will not have to pay. Go to Google and in Search type in Capt Marvins, Grand Cayman and the page will come up, telling you all about lthem. We have been 3 times with Capt. Marvin and everyone has enjoyed themselves. They also make a movie of all of you with the sting rays and on the yacht and put it to Caribbean type music and you can purchase this while on the yacht, giving your name and address and they will send it to you. We jsut received ours that was taken in mid March and it is excellent. Don,t worry about your dry things or packs, we just left them on the yacht, no problem while we were in the water. You will not be able to do Turtle Farm and Sting Rays as the ship usually leaves around 3Pm and if you go with the sting rays for around 10am or so, just back around 2 pm. Don,t miss this, everyone said it was the best day they had.
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